Hello Card  -  Volume 4  -  Paul Card Number 0  -  Tue, Jan 17, 1989 7:09 PM

This _was_ to have been an action-packed opening message. A couple of short weeks ago it was building in my mind to something like this:

It's been a busy month for the confused-looking guy with the bowtie. Business has kept me hopping, with multiple trips to Boise, enough time in Santa Clara to visit with the local Archipelagans, and a short stay at the PONARV capitol of the world, Canyon Creek, MT. But the real highlight of my month was a relocation of my living quarters to the site of the first annual Desert Island dinner party (see my address card for details)...

Alas. It now appears that when February rolls around, none of these things will have come to pass. Idaho and Montana trips were cancelled. Santa Clara did materialize, but only briefly (long enough to get sick, not long enough to look up any friends). And the move to East Salt Lake has been postponed.

So, here I am, staring at my Mac through a drug-induced stupor, thinking that this year is starting out *a lot worse* than last year, and wondering if the trend will continue.This _was_ to have been an action-packed opening message.