Hello Card  -  Volume 4  -  Robert Card Number 0  -  Sun, Jan 15, 1989 9:31 PM

It is down to the wire again. Out of the near 200 voice cards I was able to go through all but 40 before time has run out, and I must return my contributions.

Looks like thing are going well with the project.

By the way I was able to see and play with one of the new Mac SE 030's the other day. Looks like a nice little machine, though it will be expensive. As usual there are a few minor details that I don't like, such as it only has one disk drive, and you must buy it with one or four Meg of memory, and either a 40 or a 80 meg apple hard drive. Oh yes, it does not have a NUBUS port, the internal port is completely new so if you have add on cards now they will not work. Sorry.

More news about Apples new releases after MacWorld.