Hello Card  -  Volume 3  -  John Card Number 0  -  Tue, Dec 20, 1988 4:38 PM

I had hoped to begin my opening message with glad tidings of a major hardware expansion here at command central. But the festivities have been marred by an incident which I will refer to hereafter as "The Great Disk Disaster of '88."

In order not to further darken the opening of what is otherwise a spectacularly successful issue of Archipelago, I have confined my hand wringings and wails of despair to Volume 3 John Card 6. Suffice it to say that my new hard disk went down a few hours before this issue was due to be released and took two weeks of work with it. Even worse, it has effectively vaporized a very charming installment of Mr. Wizard; I hope to have the Wizard back for issue four.

The errant disk drive is now on a plane for San Francisco and as I write these words, I have already reconstructed the dozens of program modifications that were lost; all that now remains is for me to re-enter the thirty odd voice cards I wrote last week. Had it not been for this untimely disaster, you all would have received your packets by Christmas Eve; as it is I am determined that you will receive them before the year is out. My apologies for the delay.

Other than that, issue three is a smashing success. Your various contributions were so generous that I was not able to cram them all onto the three transit disks. In addition to the avalanche of packages on the main screen, we have another superb installment of Paul's Quotationist, more HyperPoetry from Stuart (including my favorite "The Monkey Boy"), and seven new HPL cards from yours truly.

You will notice that Stuart's poetry now has its own button at the bottom of the Main Screen. The superfluous echoes button has been removed and the archives button was shifted aside. I have also swatted a few more minor bugs and added a feature or two (as summarized in the Suggestion Box).

I would like to thank all of you once again for participating in this crazy scheme, and for returning your packets in record time in spite of many year-end distractions (Robert even Federal Expressed his packet!). Our voice card conversation is becoming ever more lively and has passed the 100 card mark. All in all, we've made an excellent start and I think we can all look forward eagerly to our first full year of Archipelagoing!

I will be spending the holidays at the old homestead in Idaho. Happy New Year to one and all!