Genealogy, etc

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Larry Card Number 3  -  Fri, Oct 14, 1988 11:34 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 15 ("A Note to Larry")...

How do you fix a misspelled title? Geneaology to genealogy. Again a job for our trusty editor.

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Diane has found two Genealogy stacks - MacRoots and Family Tree. Neither one seem to have the graphics capabilities that she would like. Perhaps at some time in the near future we could discuss alternatives.

Regarding restaurant reviews etc.- Diane and I love to travel. I think it would be wonderful if fellow ponarvians document their travel experiences. Things that shouldn't be missed, great disappointments, out of the ways finds, tremendous learning experiences, and, especially, great places to eat could all be shared. This would be of great value and interest to me.

Included could be future travel plans you may have. That way other members who have been to these places could suggest things to do and see as well as share the experiences they had while doing and seeing these things.