The Install Button

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  John Card Number 21  -  Thu, Dec 22, 1988 10:50 AM

I have heard disturbing reports that some of you are ignoring the fact that some important buttons on the main screen are not yet dark at the end of a session. You ignore this (and the checklist) AT YOUR PERIL! Allow me to explain.

The Archipelago stack is essentially the reverse of the "My Contributions" transit stack. You transmit your contributions to me inside the transit stack, and I ship (some of) them back to you inside the Archipelago stack. Each new Archipelago stack contains book review cards, HPL cards, sound effects, island quiz cards, Paul's latest Quotationist cards, and updated member list cards.

You can examine these cards by pushing the appropriate button on the bottom of the main screen. You will see a hand holding a replica of the type of card you are seeking along with some buttons on the right edge of the screen. If any such cards are included in the current issue, you can look at them by pressing the examine button. BUT IF YOU WANT TO KEEP THEM, YOU MUST PUSH THE INSTALL BUTTON IN THE UPPER RIGHT HAND CORNER!

When you push the Install button, Archipelago automatically copies the cards into your permanent collection stacks. This way I don't have to distribute the entire stack whenever a new card appears any you have option of accepting or rejecting new cards. THE VARIOUS BUTTONS ON THE BOTTOM OF THE MAIN SCREEN WILL NOT GO DARK UNTIL YOU INSTALL THE CARDS (OR VERIFY THAT THERE ARE NONE TO INSTALL).

If you find that you have failed to install cards from previous issues, all is not lost. That is what the Archives button is for. Just locate the card in the appropriate list, click on it, and send me a Request card (see the Help Manual for more details)