Crystal Quest Lexicon

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  John Card Number 7  -  Wed, Dec 21, 1988 11:15 PM

I thought any Crystal quest aficionados who do not take MacUser might enjoy this little glossary, originally contributed by a level 60 player named Douglas Smith.

Dumple-Crumpler: that occasional bullet that takes out a Dumple in one shot.

Conga Line: being hotly pursued by three or more Parasites.

Slide-for-Life: a dive for the gate from the better part of the way across the screen, at at least 45 degrees from the vertical.

Kamikazi Slide-for-Life: same as above, but with a critter in your path.

Moon-Walking: overshooting a moving gate and trying to slide back over it to escape.

Hand of Death: when you occasionally die without touching a mine or getting shot, or so you claim.

Pre-emptus Acceleratum: the scientific term for what sometimes causes you to take off at ridiculous speed after detonating a Smart Bomb.

Thorny Rose: a crystal tightly nestled among the mines.

Toilet Flush: critters pouring out of the portals.

Over the Hill: beyond level 40 (aka Never Never Land).

Cold Turkey: out of Smart Bombs.

Just Warming Up: something you say when you get off to a really bad start and abort the game.

Mr. Smith also provides a number of amusing synonyms, like "Popcorn Machine" for Zarklephaser or "Handi-Wipes" for Smart Bombs.

Can we contribute to this list? Allow me to begin by suggesting:

Shish Kebab: being skewered by the tip of a laser beam emanating from a Menace.