Underwater Pics

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Larry Card Number 4  -  Sat, Dec 3, 1988 7:39 PM

This is a response to volume 2, Robert Card Number 7 ("Free Expertise")...


Just last spring, Diane and I received our Open Water II certification. Now that we've begun to explore the undersea world, I would like to be able document our experiences with photographs. However, I've seen a wide variation in the quality of prints you get underwater (due to the lighting problem, I suppose).

When we were diving in Hawaii this summer, one of our dive buddies was a professional underwater photographer who took some excellent pictures of us - Of course, he was loaded with equipment like strobe lights. I've also seen some pretty pitiful shots taken by friends and relatives who used dive shop rental cameras.

Is there a minimum investment (in both equipment and money) that will ensure reasonable quality prints? We're pursuing minimum since we really don't dive all that often now. It's really hard to slip on the full quarter inch wet-suit and brave 45-50 degree water along the Northern California coast now that we've had a taste of diving in warm tropical water.

Do you dive much around Texas? We occasionally come to Texas (Diane has a brother in Austin, sisters in El Paso and Houston, and we both have friends in various spots around Texas - including the Dallas area), and it might be nice to trying diving there sometime. Diane's brother in Austin is also a diver, so if you have good spots I would relay the information to him.

I would appreciate any advice/information that you have. Thanks!