Thanks, John

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Tomas Card Number 5  -  Sun, Dec 4, 1988 11:07 PM

This is a response to volume 2, John Card Number 32 ("Tomás, Say Hi To Woody")...
  • Thanks for version 1.2.1!
  • No, I'm afraid I don't have an UP-TO-DATE mass copier, just old public domain stuff...
  • Question 1: I have ThunderScan 3.1. It stopped working after I upgraded to a MacPlus (and around the same time, I moved...). I get a message like "scanner is not responding", the connecting cables seem to be OK. I tried using the modem port: same thing. The software works with other documents, any ideas?
  • Question 2: (could be related) Longtime after I upgraded, I noticed that I couldn't initialize as 800 K disks, I got a bomb or the icon didn't appear on the desktop and when I reinserted it I got the "this disk is unreadable, bla...bla..."

    However, I did find a way to do it!

    Using Copy II, I copy any 800 K disk to the "virgin" one, then I open it and trash all it's contents, and IT WORKS! Now, cat do you make any sense out of this?

Anxiously waiting for the next issue!

Merry Christmas,