Just a Note

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Holly Card Number 16  -  Sat, Jan 14, 1989 10:21 AM

This is a response to volume 3, John Card Number 20 ("Intersession Contributions")...

My Pelago notebook is some pages in my day-timer. I jot down ideas for cards and reviews. I started this because Pelago is always on my mind either in the front or back and I want to remember my ideas. Also, after a volume arrives I spend my time responding to the cards in the volume.

A group notebook? We need a place for ideas because we can't do everything at once. We are going to drop idea lines along the way that we might want to pick up again. Do we need a sort of index?

Could this be a way to respond to cards of past issues? The past card could be included in the notebook without any links so that we can start a new line? Did that make sense?

Some of our voice cards are short. We could have an area for very brief comments about projects we are working on for future issues.

Yes we do need a sort of gathering place for ideas.

By the way - In the Quotationist column can we just read the current volumes quotes without reading through the past quotes (albeit they are wonderful)?

Later - John - have you considered the possibility of one response card as a response to several cards? This would sort of rein in unruly subjects and sometimes two or more cards create one idea.

Also, I have asked some more big questions in this volume as I'm sure the others have. We could shelve them in the notebook for the future if they are too much. Can we handle all that we contribute?