Pelago Encryption

Voice Card  -  Volume 4  -  Robert Card Number 7  -  Mon, Jan 9, 1989 10:10 PM

This is ONE OF 2 responses to volume 3, Holly Card Number 7 ("Pelago Protection")...


The answer is Yes. Now the question is how protected do you want this information?

If you merely wish to keep them from altering the stack, you can go to the desk top (that is where you can see the garbage can) locate the folder and all of its contents. Highlight the folder and get info (under edit), now click on the lock box. This will work, but is rather tedious, as you will have to unlock it every time you wish to make a contribution, and then lock it back up.

The second way is to make the folder invisible to the average user, this may be accomplished by means of a DA called Disk Top. Once you find the appropriate folder use the command I function and select invisible. Be careful as you can damage things with this program.

The third method is to encrypt it. This is by far the most efective way of keeping people from looking at data that they should not. The only problem is that it also requieres another program, such as Sentinel.

Let us know what you end up using.