Desktop Images 2

Somebody help me! I can't stop making desktop images! I thought I'd gotten it out of my system with my first desktop images page, but the images keep coming.

The images are all 1024x768. To use them on a Mac, open the large image and drag to your desktop. On a PC, you can right-click and "save as wallpaper".

Most of the photos on this page were taken with my old Cannon SD300 Digital Elph. Its macro lens allowed me to capture the tiny places most of us are oblivious to: cracks in the sidewalk, leaves in the gutter, twigs and pebbles and tiny berries. As a result I became more aware of the beauty all around us.

All images are copyright John Cartan but are free for non-commercial use.

Comments are appreciated.

angel berries bigrocks blossoms
angel.jpg berries.jpg bigrocks.jpg blossoms.jpg
bluerocks bud cactus chrometowers
bluerocks.jpg bud.jpg cactus.jpg chrometowers.jpg
cola craquel debris desktop
cola.jpg craquel.jpg debris.jpg desktop.jpg
grayschool hydrant kelpforest leafandrocks
grayschool.jpg hydrant.jpg kelpforest.jpg leafandrocks.jpg
meadow rain rings soup
meadow.jpg rain.jpg rings.jpg soup.jpg
spectrum starfish stars weirdskin
spectrum.jpg starfish.jpg stars.jpg weirdskin.jpg
spectrum starfish weirdskin stars
elephant.jpg rainbow.jpg skylight.jpg glowingleaves.jpg