Desktop Images

I can't stop making these images. From "glop" to "old couch", each is obsessively hand-crafted. I make them out of photographs which I leave untouched, or out of USB microscope images which I muck with for hours on end.

I keep the ones that are evocative, visceral, and yet neutral enough to serve as a backdrop. A good desktop is interesting without being distracting, and makes all your windows and icons sparkle.

The images are all 1024x768. To use them on a Mac, open the large image and drag to your desktop. On a PC, you can right-click and "save as wallpaper".

These images also look great on paper! Check out the sea lion greeting cards and Alameda postcards available now at the Cartania Gift Shop.

Want even more desktops? Check out my commemorative set of mad scientist desktops. Or hit the next button to see a second page.

All images are copyright John Cartan but are free for non-commercial use.

Comments are appreciated.

alameda boards crack earth
alameda.jpg boards.jpg crack.jpg earth.jpg
fossil george hairbrush nymph
fossil.jpg george.jpg hairbrush.jpg nymph.jpg
hide tinribbon sealion sleeper
hide.jpg tinribbon.jpg sealion.jpg sleeper.jpg
slinky bluestairs redstairs surfer
slinky.jpg bluestairs.jpg redstairs.jpg surfer.jpg
confluence orchid oldcouch glop
confluence.jpg orchid.jpg oldcouch.jpg glop.jpg
ripple sandstorm pebbles branches
ripple.jpg sandstorm.jpg pebbles.jpg branches.jpg
scales continents splatter basket
scales.jpg continents.jpg splatter.jpg basket.jpg