My friend Eric Stilan always gets a little carried away at Halloween. This year he turned our hall at work into the laboratory of a mad scientist with me as mad scientist "Phineas Barnes". The portrait at left was mounted at the entrance.

In addition to many shelves full of test tubes, unspeakable things in mason jars, spiders, rats, and dry ice, there were newspaper clippings about my disturbing career and even a working animatronic statue of a mini-me reading a book. Spooky. Dozens of other coworkers appeared as my experiments, with their heads sewn on to various animal bodies.

In memory of Eric's remarkable ponarv, I have created a set of six desktop patterns based on photographs taken at his exhibit. The images are all 1024x768. To use them on a Mac, open the large image and drag to your desktop. On a PC, you can right-click and "save as wallpaper".

shelves collage ghoul
jars laboratory newt jar

Special thanks to Misty Cripps (yes, that really is her name) and all the other elves who helped Eric realize his twisted vision.

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