All of the pictures on this page (including the camera's own detachable LCD monitor) were taken with my new toy, the Ricoh RDC-2 Digital Camera. The pictures are not retouched in any way, just slightly cropped and JPEGed down.

How is the quality? Judge for yourself! I'll add more pictures as time permits.

Ralph closeup

Alice closeup

Refrigerator magnets taken about two inches away, no flash

Old books taken about four inches away, with flash

A Rose taken about an inch away, with flash

A Dollar and a penny, less than an inch away, with flash

A house on Willow Street


Alameda Theatre

Ballena Bay

Palace of the Legion of Honor

Near Ghirardelli Square

Tanya and Betsy

Cousin Dave



All of the above photos were taken in high quality mode. On a recent trip to Ireland, I was able to take 140 pictures between uploads by shooting all pictures in low quality mode. The results were better than I expected. You can compare for yourself by checking out my Journey To Ireland page. Other pages in this site also feature photos taken with the Ricoh digital camera...