What is a Voice Card?

Voice Card  -  Volume 0  -  John Card Number 1  -  Fri, Jul 1, 1988 9:38 PM

Voice Cards are the primary form of communication within the Archipelago. Each card can present a burning question, penetrating comment, helpful suggestion, passing thought, bold assertion, nifty idea, amusing anecdote, or any other relatively brief message. As we start working together on projects, we can use the cards to kick around ideas. Whenever an interesting or controversial topic arises, the cards will (I hope) serve as a forum for lively debates and exchanges. And we can also use voice cards to keep each other posted on personal events or just to shoot the proverbial breeze. In short: anything goes!

Voice cards are designed to capture your ideas as they occur. If a thought occurs to you while reading another card, simply push either the RESPOND or the NEW CARD button and a fresh card will appear ready to receive your words. All the cards you create are automatically included inside the "My Contributions" transit stack that you return to me at the end of each session. I combine all the cards I receive into a new volume of voice cards and I also re-release the previous volume with response links added. In this way we will forge a continuous chain of voice stacks with each volume linked to the next.

Each card, then, is like a note in a bottle which, when thrown into the sea, magically reproduces and washes up on the shores of every island in the Archipelago. For more of the intriguing details, including the anatomy and life cycle of a voice card, read on!