Anatomy of a Voice Volume

Voice Card  -  Volume 0  -  John Card Number 2  -  Sun, Jul 3, 1988 7:33 PM

Each volume consists of a stack of voice cards and is titled "Voices 0", "Voices 1", "Voices 2", etc. The cards are grouped by member and the groups are arranged in the order they arrived in my mailbox (the editor's group always comes first). Each group begins with the member's "Hello Card" - a special voice card which provides an opening message and a summary of the member's current contributions. Following this are all the member's voice cards in the order in which they were created.

Each card has number which corresponds to its position in the stack; hello cards are always number zero. Thus, in a typical volume the cards would begin with "John Card Number 0" (John's hello card), "John Card Number 1", "John Card Number 2", etc. After this would come, for example, "Paul Card Number 0", "Paul Card Number 1", and so forth, with a full set of cards from each participating member. Along with the volume number, this numbering system uniquely identifies every voice card in the ever growing archives. In addition to its number, each card also has a brief title.

Each volume begins with a special index card which provides immediate access to all the voice cards. Read on to find out more about this very important feature.