The Index Card

Voice Card  -  Volume 0  -  John Card Number 3  -  Sun, Jul 3, 1988 8:15 PM

At the front of each volume is an index card. The index card resembles an ordinary voice card but has some special features. The gray title bar at the top of the card holds the name of the volume (e.g. "Voices 0"). Below this is a "masthead" which provides the volume number, release date, number of participating members, and the total number of voice cards.

Below the masthead on the left half of the card are twelve boxes which hold the icons of all the members participating in that volume; by clicking an icon, the reader can jump directly to the beginning of that member's group of cards. On the right hand side of the card, in the space normally occupied by the text field, there is an index which lists the number and title of every card in the volume. By clicking on a line of the index, the reader can jump directly to a specific card.

Below the index are three gray rectangles which hold the browsing buttons. To the left are two arrows which jump to the index card of the previous volume and the next volume. Thus, in order to find a card in a specific volume, the reader can return to the index card of his current volume and use these two arrows to move back and forth through the chain of successive volumes.

The arrow in the lower right hand corner is a button which leads to the first card. If the option key is held down while this button is pressed, it will automatically scan through the stack until it finds the first unexamined card (this feature only works in the most recently released volume).

In the lower left corner of the card is the Archipelago button which returns to the main monopoly board screen. A NEW CARD button will be visible next to the Archipelago button only in the most recent volume (this button is stripped from all previous volumes).

The index card enables each member to browse through a new volume in a variety of ways and also makes it possible to quickly locate any card in his collection. The next card in this series discusses the anatomy of a voice card.