The Editor's Response

Voice Card  -  Volume 0  -  John Card Number 9  -  Thu, Jul 7, 1988 2:55 AM

This is ONE OF THREE responses to volume 0, John Card Number 8 ("Example of a Response")...

If you look at the masthead you will notice that you are still in volume 0. Normally a response card will appear in the volume which follows the generating card, and indeed the other two responses are located in volume 1. But since I am the group editor, I can respond to card as soon as it is incorporated into a new volume. Thus the editor's response card will usually appear in the same volume as the generating card, while all other responses appear in the succeeding volume.

By pressing the down arrow, you can return to the card which generated this response. By pressing the pointing hand buttons, you can view the other two responses. If there had been no other responses, the hand buttons would not be visible.