Request for HyperCard 2.0

Voice Card  -  Volume 1  -  John Card Number 17  -  Mon, Sep 19, 1988 2:21 PM

I have recently upgraded to HyperCard version 1.2.1. This version offers several useful new features and in some cases is faster than the original version. I ran an extensive series of benchmarks on different facets of Archipelago and determined that the speed increase is marginal with a few dramatic exceptions. Unfortunately, I have also discovered that the new version is not entirely backwards compatible, that is, some obscure parts of Archipelago behave differently under the new version.

Since more than half of you have probably upgraded by now, I decided to modify Archipelago so that it will run properly and take advantage of the new version. I will send the new version of HyperCard along with the first issue to anyone who does not already have it. So by the time you read this, everyone in the group should be running under version 1.2.1.

Version 2.0 is rumoured to be coming soon. Since I am out in the middle of nowhere, one of you will probably acquire it before I do. So as soon you get it, ship it off to me in your next return mailer. I will test it and make any necessary modifications to the system and then release it to the rest of the group so that we can all stay current. Thank you in advance!