Hello Card  -  Volume 10  -  John Card Number 0  -  Sun, Nov 19, 1989 1:20 PM

I just got back from a two mile stroll through my very own forest and I'm feeling pretty good! What a beautiful planet we have here.

Things have been very quiet lately here at Canyon Creek. I've spent most of the last month tap tap tapping away at my little computer: spewing out voice cards, polishing my fairy tale, grinding away at my billing package, and blasting away at the occasional odd dumple or zarklephaser.

My little sister just got engaged to a state legislator. I also heard on the local news that Dionne won a state-wide Kung Fu kick boxing tournament. And I recently finished the season closer in my Fall series of blind dates: See Vol 10 John 24.

Other than that it's been pretty dull. But dull is exactly what I need right now. I am re-charging my batteries and looking forward to a new decade: the 90's! The Archipelago Decade!

See you there!