Hello Card  -  Volume 11  -  John Card Number 0  -  Thu, Dec 28, 1989 2:24 AM

I had a very bountiful Christmas this year. My favorite piece of loot is my new "WritstMac", a wristwatch with a cable that I can plug into the Mac. I can then enter names and addresses and whatnot into a special HyperCard stack and download all of the information into the watch. The ultimate status symbol for a Mac fanatic!

I also wish to announce THE END OF AN ERA. A few weeks ago I acquired a NEW (used) CAR! Yes, it's the end of the road at last for the old YELLOW PERIL. It served me well for ten years, travelling 'round the globe four times over in milage. It never failed me once in all that time, and I'm a little unsure of what to do with it now (Paul suggested that I have it bronzed).

The new car, incidentally, is a blue 1983 Datsun 200SX with various sporty accoutrements. I hope it will carry me as far in the nineties as my old Peril did in the eighties.

My social calendar this holiday season is unusually full. I've spent the last few nights meeting old friends and new (and we may have a new member in the pipeline - I'll keep you posted). My date with the atomic physicist went well; I hope to see her again before she leaves. And tomorrow, er, that is, today, I leave for a brief visit to Salt Lake to see Paul and company.

I write this card on the eve (almost) of a new decade. Looking back over the last decade, I find that I have not travelled as far or as fast as I had once hoped. I am neither rich nor famous.

But what adventures! I've been buried in blizzards, stranded in deserts, swept off to Paris, and then again to Canyon Creek of all places. At the beginning of this decade I had just purchased my first computer, an old Apple II with a whopping 48K of memory! I had yet to earn a single degree, or form a corporation, or dissolve one. And I had not yet met most of you, my dear fellow Archipelagans!

And now the Archipelago Decade is upon us! There will be a hundred issues before it's through! What will become of us? What will we be talking about when issue 100 hits the street? I can hardly wait to find out!