Hello Card  -  Volume 11  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Fri, Dec 29, 1989 12:25 AM

This issue of Archipelago is rather more low key than the last, but still quite interesting. Most members were caught in the pre-holiday crunch and were only able to submit an abbreviated set of voice cards. Robert was laid out by a particularly nasty bout of flu and asked me to relay his apologies. Several members vowed to do double work next time.

I, too, was caught in the crunch and as a result I'm mailing this several days later than I had hoped. In fact I'm in Salt Lake right now, and Paul is sitting a few feet away from me trying to get his new Mac IIci to phone up an atomic clock in Virginia. Since I forgot to bring most of my transit disks with me, most of you will receive non-spiffy unlabeled disks; return them as usual and order will be restored next time around.

Stuart has now begun to release his hyperpoetry in voice card format. The Quotationist and Mr. Wizard have both contributed solid offerings, and Suzanne and I have put a few packages under the tree (since New Year's Eve is upon us, all of my gifts are clocks!). And Paul and I each contributed a sound to the Sound of the Month Club.

We got several interesting responses to the personality adventure projects, but no survey questions, so I'll wait one more issue before trying a survey. If any of you have any survey questions about pelago 2.0, the biography project, or anything else, send them in!

And now, on with the show...