Hello Card  -  Volume 13  -  John Card Number 0  -  Sat, Apr 28, 1990 04:51 AM

Since last issue hit the pavement, I finished phase one of my billing package, spent a relaxing and productive month in Montana, and now I am back in Idaho working on phase two.

While in Montana I caught up on several personal projects that had been thrust aside for far too long. I finally reworked a flawed scene in my Gilligan's Island story and shared the finished product with my writer's group (you will see the reworked scene in the next installment of the story). I also made some major breakthroughs in my starmaze research; this is a life-long hobby of mine that will eventually make an appearance in a Mr. Wizard column.

I've done some interesting reading including a book on personality types which I review in this issue. I have a new friend who is trying to con me into going into business with him, and one possible project is a series of computerized personality tests. Still very speculative at this stage...

I had a few letters from Dione and I called her on my birthday, but there is essentially nothing new to report on that front. I am still hoping to spend some time this summer with Zoey the (attractive) atomic physicist.

Most of the bills are now in from my little medical misadventure. The grand total: about $2500.00! My taxes are also paid and, miraculously, I am still in the black. But I just noticed today that my driver's license has expired. And I have accidentally become embroiled in some kind of book-of-the-month scam. These infernal distractions are forever nipping at my heels.

I wish you all could have visited me this month. There is nothing quite like springtime in the Rockies! Someday I hope we can all get together, perhaps for another Desert Island Dinner. Something to think about!