Hello Card  -  Volume 13  -  Preface Card Number 0  -  Fri, Mar 23, 1990 08:45 PM

Issue 13 was unlucky for several of our members. Stuart managed to accidentally initialize his hard disk and was temporarily archipelagoless. Robert's packet was ricocheted around the country by the ever mischievous postal service. And Larry, who neglected to send his packet before leaving on a trip to Mexico, was punished with Montezuma's Revenge!

All of these calamities combined with certain distractions at command central to create the latest, slowest issue in Archipelago history. However, I think you will find that this issue was worth the wait. The best news is our new member, Drury. And Drury's first contribution was nothing less than spectacular!

We also have no less than FIVE book reviews this time: one by me, one by Drury, and three by Paul (so don't forget to update your Book Review stack). Paul also included an entire book as one of his wrapped packages!

The other seven packages have kind of a theme. They are all things that you can drag into your system folder to make your system better (or at least stranger). Those of you with only one megabyte of memory may eventually run into problems if you load too many of these things at once. If any of them give you trouble, simply drag them back out of your system folder and reboot.

Our voice cards really cook this time with more pontificating about sex, traveller's tales from Robert's recent trip to Moscow, odds and ends from Paul's computer network, fiction, hyperpoetry, and the usual scintillating dialog.

Both the Quotationist and Mr. Wizard are on vacation this month, but push the Mr. Wizard button anyway. It turns out that Drury provided us with a stack she wrote all by herself; Mr. Wizard reviews it and even makes a few suggestions. We also have some more sound effects, mostly from Paul.

I am including a fresh copy of the MemberList stack so that Drury can send us her motto. Does Suzanne have a motto?

Finally, my official goal for issue 14 is to GET IT OUT FAST! Please hurl your packets into the nearest postal orifice as soon as humanly possible. See you all in MAY!!