Hello Card  -  Volume 21  -  Yumi Card Number 0  -  Sun, Jul 21, 1991 2:29 PM

Hello Everyone,

Well June was a very interesting month. Although I have just joined Archipelago, I find that my life is in complete turmoil. Boy do I have news for all of you. I am doing something completely terrifying to both my parents and myself. Still I feel that since I am young now is the time to take chances.

I will be moving to Seattle sometime in September. I will continue with Archipelago because I cannot help but feel lost without all of your thought provoking ideas. I have come to look forward to my packet in the mail and even though I am a new member I would really regret it if I quit.

Hope you all have a great summer. (Since John is love struck I don't expect this next round before fall begins )

[Editor's note: I just talked to Yumi and she is alive and well in Seattle. She doesn't have a Mac of her own yet but vows to keep those voice cards coming.]