Secret Chicken

Voice Card  -  Volume 27  -  Paul Card Number 1  -  Sun, Jan 3, 1993 3:46 PM

This is a response to VC 26 John 1 ("Chicken Teriaki")...

Your request piqued my curiosity, although I have no recollection of the joyous meal.

Since my mother recently published a Family Cookbook, I hoped it would be an easy exercise to re-acquaint myself with a mouth-watering meal and have the satisfaction of denying your request; not so. There is no "Chicken Teriyaki" in the book, although there is "Chicken Hawaiian", "Lime Broiled Chicken", "Cornell Barbequed Chicken", "Grilled Chicken with Chile Hollandaise and Roasted Red Peppers", and twenty-or-so others, including "Paul's Chicken" - a classic both in name and in taste.

This means that 1) The recipe was not deemed good enough to make the cookbook, 2) Somewhere over the years, the recipe was lost, or 3) The recipe is so special that not even all Nicholsons are entrusted with its details.

Since I will be visiting with the sister in question tomorrow, it will be convenient for me to delve further into this mystery. Stay tuned.

Update: Lisa claimed no recollection of this event, but said, "When I make Teriyaki, I just mix equal amounts of soy sauce and rice wine, add a little honey, and maybe throw in a bit of ginger."

Dad was sure the recipe would have been Yamamura Chicken (this name may mean something to those of you from Idaho Falls), but was not otherwise helpful.

Mom said she remembered the meal well, as it was the only one where John showed an appetite during the entire visit, and she produced a recipe for Chicken Yakitori, which I am too lazy to enter at the moment. Are you really interested in this?