Strategic Conquest

Voice Card  -  Volume 2  -  Paul Card Number 1  -  Sat, Oct 15, 1988 5:16 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to volume 1, John Card Number 6 ("Fun and Games")...

For a long time I wasn't sure it could be done - but I am now proud to announce a personal WIN at the Strategic Conquest Pelago game. In all my years (well, ...months) of playing this game I have never seen so many enemy bombers or battleships. The critical battleground turned out to be a small island with only one city; nevertheless, I had to take it three times and beat down several additional invasion attempts. All in all, a THUMPING good game.

What? Oh, my score? Well... 239 days. Maybe not THE winning score, but satisfying nonetheless. And how did General Cartan do?