If you want magazines

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Cliff Card Number 1  -  Tue, Dec 6, 1988 4:04 PM

This is ONE OF 4 responses to volume 2, John Card Number 4 ("More Magazines, Anybody?")...

I subscribe to the following:

  • New York Review of Books
  • Scientific American
  • Harvard Medical School Newsletter
  • U of Calif Wellness Newsletter
  • Science News
  • Journal of Philosophy
  • Philosophical Review
  • Newsweek
If I get most of them half read, I consider myself successful.

Perhaps you can tell that I am having trouble, John. Every time I try to respond I get a "Can't find menu item Copy Card". When I cancel, I am returned to this card, but its number has increased by one. I apologize for not knowing how to respond. I am using the new version 1.2.1.

[Editor's note: it's that pesky userlevel. Has anyone else had this kind of problem?]