Archipelago Experience

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  Holly Card Number 4  -  Sun, Dec 4, 1988 8:59 AM

This is a response to volume 2, John Card Number 25 ("Time Charts")...

(John: I haven't been good with reading directions on this one have I. This should have been linked to the suggestion card I guess. Hmmm, is it possible to edit that myself or is that best left to the editor?)

[Editor's note: it's best left to the editor. This card looks just fine to me.]

The Archipelago Experience is fascinating. I am intrigued by the whole process, not just "doing" the program but the anticipation of the arrival of an issue, the spawning of new ideas from someone else's, etc.

Friends and family tell me I have a good memory although you will not find me on Oprah repeating the audience's phone numbers. The point is I had forgotten about that card and it is interesting to think someone is intrigued with my idea when I had lost the idea.

Another Observation: I guess I could have figured this one out but it takes THREE issues to get responses from the group. We create a card in one issue, issue two contains the card for everyone else and John's response and the third issue has responses from the rest. I just hadn't realized that and I wondered why only John was responding to my cards. This is significant because if we have a time limit on a conversation or idea we have to allow time for it to make the rounds.

Another Observation: The thoughts of how big and unweldy this can get is mind blowing. John, I suggest that we keep a list of possible topics, such as your dream idea (good idea). We don't have to talk about everything at once. We can add to the list as we go along.

Question: I have started a Pelago notebook to keep ideas in and to write reviews, etc. between issues. Some of the others have mentioned contributing in between issues. Can we type them in Hypercard and then dump them in Pelago when the issue comes?