Crab Summary One

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  John Card Number 31  -  Fri, Dec 23, 1988 9:16 PM

This is a response to volume 3, Stuart Card Number 1 ("Response 4 of "Crabs"")...

Our story thus far:

Our protagonist, a human from Tortoonda, finds himself outside the Altarian Consulate on Altair 6, and runs into Glptah Zrotif, a giant crab creature with a bad case of the bletch. He also runs into Heddy, a sex crazed crabette who teases our hero about his poetry by calling him Ovid.

Glptah demands that an old debt of 50 zrobniks be repaid immediately. Heddy finally gets rid of Glptah by hurling the zrobniks at him; she then turns seductively to our hero and waits for her reward.

The two fling themselves under a barroom table and attempt to satisfy their shameless interspecies lust, despite the inevitable shell rash that will follow. Suddenly they are interrupted by a dreaded Crab Sea Storm Tropper! He does not seem very friendly...

Stay tuned for our next exciting episode!