Dwindling Disk Space

Voice Card  -  Volume 3  -  John Card Number 30  -  Thu, Dec 22, 1988 12:54 PM

In a note she included with her packet, Holly daydreamed about the possibility of buying her own SE, and wondered if she'd have to invest in more than the standard 20 megabyte hard drive.

It is an issue that concerns us all, with Archipelago growing at the rate of a magabyte a month. Fortunately, it is not necessary to store all of that on your hard disk. Unwanted contributions can be thrown out, and ancient voice card volumes can be stored away on diskettes. I think five megabytes is about the minimum requirement (or even less if you're desperate).

So, Holly, 20 megabytes should be sufficient for the budget conscious Archipelagan. If ever you do take the plunge, you may want to consider a third party hard disk - ask Robert for his recommendations.