Intro: Mapping the Maze

In which I solve a simple puzzle and then spend decades trying to understand my solution


In which the words of my private language are defined and alphabetized

Reading the Solution

In which I show how to read the star map


In which a three-dimensional starmaze is constructed as a virtual reality


In which I display a portfolio of images and videos inspired by the maze


In which 512 patterns are reduced to 20 basic forms and all the solutions are counted


In which five classic elements are defined, inverted, and transmuted

Cycles and Seasons

In which I wander in circles

Starmaze Explorer

In which I boast about my secret weapon, a starmaze observatory

Cartan's Triangle

In which a simple triangle opens the door to many adventures

Distance Maps

In which highway roadmaps turn out to be both beautiful and revealing


In which the ancient origins of the starmaze are uncovered

Other Dimensions

In which various dimensions are explored with coins, cubes, and chessboards

Puzzle Keys

In which keys are devised to unlock many different puzzles


Hexagram Concordance

Hexagrams assigned to every passage of the grand tour create an intricate calendar


An atlas lets you look up rooms and patterns on the original star map

Revised Atlas

A revised atlas unties a knot in the original map

House Charts

Floorplans of every house chart the 3D maze

Wacky Room Names

Wacky room names are linked together to form a textual maze

Room Index

All 512 patterns form a compact, clickable index